Sunday, July 5, 2020

World’s first fully electric commercial aircraft takes flight in Canada

VIAThe Guardian
Harbour Air hails start of the ‘electric aviation age’ after 15-minute test flight in Vancouver The world’s first...

The first electric aircraft in the Pacific Northwest could be a 70-year-old plane |...
The region is poised to lead the way in electric flight thanks to an ambitious partnership between MagniX and Harbour Air.

Electric aircraft – novel configurations open up new possibilities

Berlin, Germany (SPX) Dec 03, 2019 - Environmentally friendly, quiet, safe and cost-effective - European aeronautics research is focusing on these objectives in view of increasing air traffic.The development of electric propulsion sys...

Drones a step closer to air traffic control integration
A partnership between big hitters in aviation and the UAV world is paving the way for safer skies.

Soon fly on ‘all-electric aircraft’! Check features of made-in-Israel Eviaton Alice
Eviaton Alice comes with low operating costs. The electrically-powered aircraft has the capacity to compete on all of the high cost factors of the operational cost of a plane, fuel as well as motor reserve.

China’s first electric passenger aircraft makes successful maiden flight
China's Liaoning General Aviation Academy official announced that the inaugural flight of the country's first self-developed four-seater electric...

Project Phoenix
Project Phoenix is the first of its kind: it is the world's first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft and the first to fully implement active drag reduction. Find out more at

Sustainable Aviation Project Petitions FAA For Electric Aircraft Exemption
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is slowly warming up to electric aircraft, but regulatory approval takes far too long...

ANSYS Helps TURBOTECH to Develop Hybrid-Electric Aircraft – October 16, 2019 –
ANSYS (ANSS) fluids solutions are aiding TURBOTECH to design turbogenerators based on turbines and generators, which recovers energy from exhaust gases and reduces consumption of fuel.

Porsche teams up with Boeing to build an electric plane
After Daimler and Audi, it's Porsche's turn to take an interest in electric flying machines.For the occasion, he teamed up with Boeing and Aurora Flight Sciences to develop a high-end e-…...