Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Achieve Carbon Free Flight by 2050


Establish and operate the Earth’s Premiere Summit and Online Community for Aviation Thought Leaders, Companies, Investors, Academia and Governments that enables them to Cut Aviation’s Atmospheric Carbon Contribution To ZERO by 2050.


Jas Dhillon is an innovator and technology leader who has founded and scaled several Software-As-A-Service companies in the Global Infrastructure Development and Power Generation, Business Networking, and Law Enforcement On-Officer Evidence Video industries. Like hundreds of millions of people around the world Jas believes that Climate Change is an existential threat to the survival of civilization. Aviation’s contribution to atmospheric carbon, although slowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, will return to its pre-pandemic levels and accelerate from there. Jas founded the eFlight.com Carbon Free Aviation summit and community platform to provide Aviation Thought Leaders with an exclusive, private, real-world event and an always-online space where they can meet and collaborate with their peers, establish new business networks, create partnerships, and develop projects that can accelerate the growth of their organizations. The ultimate goal of eFlight.com is to enable members to share knowledge and resources, resulting in faster technology development and commercialization, and Carbon Free Aviation by 2050.