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eFlight.Com intends to create an industry hub for the sharing of thought leadership on Electric Aviation gleaned from 1:1 interviews with industry leaders, the dissemination of news about advances and innovation in Electric Aviation, the identification and promotion of industry leaders in research, product, engineering, commercialization and regulatory affairs, the socialization of industry opportunities for Electric Aviation stakeholders, and press announcements from companies and investors active in the creation of Electric Aviation.

eFlight.Com will enable companies and professionals to research, find, and purchase electric aircraft components and supplies; companies to search, find and connect with talent, professionals to find opportunities for professional advancement, and investors to connect with Electric Aviation innovators.

We plan to launch eFlight.Com with a series of interviews with industry leaders who are pioneering the development and commercialization of Electric Aviation.

Success for eFlight.Com is defined as the establishment of a vibrant, secure social network that enables collaboration and relationship development between academia, professionals, companies, investors and government bodies playing a key role in the creation, acceleration, and commercialization of Electric Aviation.